Cancer develops when cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA. This substance is in every cell and directs all its activities. As the disease progresses, cancer cells may travel to other parts of the body where they begin to grow and replace normal tissue, a process called metastasizing.

Cancer usually forms as a tumor but some types, such as leukemia, do not. Likewise, not all tumors are cancerous.

Although traditional practitioners tend to lead in treating cancer, many useful adjunctive, alternative health treatments are also available.

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Working integratively and individually, Asclepeion Center staff have had marked success in alleviating the negative effects of a variety of disease states and health issues.

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Many people who come to us feel they have already gleaned the positive effects of treatments offered by traditional medicine. Others want to explore possible synergies drawing upon holistic alternatives. Center staff are always glad to work cooperatively with any practitioners—both traditional and non-traditional—that a client desires.