Post-Lyme Syndrome/Chronic Lyme Disease

Post-Lyme syndrome, or chronic Lyme disease, is a treatment-resistant chronic condition with symptoms that may persist for many months or even years. The condition begins with an undiagnosed or untreated bout of Lyme disease. This disease, caused by the bite of an infected tick, follows a progression of stages.
In its initial stage, Lyme disease causes flu-like symptoms and sometimes a tell-tale rash. Antibiotics can generally wipe out Lyme disease if taken during the first stage, but the disease is not always diagnosed in a timely manner.

If not caught and treated, Lyme disease may go on to produce nerve symptoms (such as facial paralysis, or Bell’s palsy) and pain and swelling in the joints. It may then progress to chronic arthritis. Symptoms such as heart abnormalities, eye problems (such as conjunctivitis), chronic skin disorders, and motor coordination problems may also appear.

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